Why is Jaw Development Important?

To Eliminate Crowding

Narrow arches can cause crowded teeth, which shift their positions. Developing the arches at an early age may prevent or eliminate permanent teeth crowding and often eliminates the need to remove any adult teeth.

To Correct Under-Developed Jaws

Roughly 50% of children who need orthodontic treatment for a bad bite have underdeveloped lower jaws. Arch Correctors can reposition the lower jaw forward, improving the child’s profile. This will correct their bite problem and they can see results within 7 to 9 months!

Your Children Deserve…

Broad Beautiful Smiles
Mouth breathing can cause narrow arches and less than desirable smiles. By developing your child’s arches during the active growing period, we can help them achieve a pronounced, shining smile. We’ll have them feeling confident when someone draws attention to their smile.
Healthy Jaw Joints
Many children with narrow jaws, deep overbites, or receding lower jaws have unhealthy jaw joints which can cause:

Neck pain





Clicking or locking jaws

Difficulty opening jaws

Ringing in the ears

To Breathe Freely
Mouth breathing can lead to more than orthodontic problems, it can cause problems like poor sleeping habits. This can also leave children prone to daytime fatigue or an inability to concentrate in school.

An End to Ear Pain
Deep overbites and receding lower jaws may cause more than earaches. There can be stuffiness or ringing in the ears. If infection has been ruled out, these symptoms may be effectively eliminated through arch development.

Facilitated Speech Development
Narrow jaws can confine the tongue and interfere with regular speech. We can make sure that your child has proper growth and an enhanced ability to speak regularly after arch development.

Your Support
Parents want the best for their children — from straight teeth and properly sized jaws to straight profiles and beautiful smiles. With preventative measures and early treatment, you could save money and may even prevent the need for any extensive, future treatment.

Early Treatment is Key
On average, 75% of 12-year-olds need orthodontic treatment, yet only 90% of a child’s face has developed by that point. By guiding facial development in the early stages, 80% of treatment can correct those problems before the adult teeth are visual. Early Phase One treatment means children will need to wear fixed braces on their adult teeth for less time.

Arch Development Could Help Correct:

Bite Problems

Underdeveloped Jaws

Narrow Arches

Crowded Teeth

Deep Overbites

Jaw Joint Problems

Airway Problems

Thumb-Sucking Habits

Arch Development Usually Prevents:

Removal of Adult Teeth

Fang-Like Tooth Appearance

Lengthy Use of Braces

Speech Difficulties


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